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Men’s Health – how to avoid aging “badly”

12 Jan Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Men’s Health – how to avoid aging “badly”

Funny thing about what we already know about how to take care of ourselves – the common sense, no hype, boring everyday stuff we tend to shelve to make room for the latest trend/pill/piece of equipment.  This article from Men’s Health details the 10 ways you can take care of yourself NOW so as to have an active happy second half of your life.

1. Bad knees: Caused by decades of excess weight

2. Bad back: same, as well as high impact exercise

3. Bad eyes: prevent cataracts buy scrupulous use of UV block sunglasses

4. Bad ears: Keep your MP3 player several notches lower in volume

5. Bad bladder: caused by decades of straining it by not peeing regularly

6. Bad bones: Getting enough calcium (not just from dairy – check out calcium produce and legumes) and retaining it.

7. Bad gut: Eat roughage, whole grains, produce, drink water. Being “regular” is critical.

8. Bad skin: Wrinkles and skin cancer cured in one habit – sunscreen

9. Bad brain: Prevent Alzheimer’s disease early by expanding brain capacity (like those crosswords you’ve read about) and not slamming it around in your skull (roller coasters, football)

10. Bad mood: Depression is treatable, if you think something not right is going on, see your doctor now. Sooner is easier to help than later.

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