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Professional Image Consulting

Professional Image Consulting services for when you are ready to be noticed, move up and create an impressive executive presence.

Like it or not, the reality is that in our professional lives we are judged on a daily basis on our appearance. Our clothing, hairstyle, make-up, body language, facial expressions, grammar and vocabulary are observed and subconsciously categorized either positively, neutrally or negatively.

Style of Success Professional Image Consulting services are for individuals whose ultimate goal is to project an executive presence that conveys confidence and success in business and social settings.

1. Professionals in employment transition

2. Litigators who want every edge in a trial situation

3. Positions that carry significant fiduciary responsibilities for others

4. Political candidates that understand how important it is to make emotional connections

5. Anyone for whom exuding confidence, competence and success will support getting the job, closing the deal or signing the contract – without saying a word.

The SOS mission is to give you the tools for lifelong success and ability to achieve your highest and best personal and professional goals through creating powerful visual credential that support your goals.

A trusted advisor with your best interest at heart, and always strictly confidential…

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