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Wardrobe Analysis

Step Two – Wardrobe Analysis

This second session of your transformation is a closet clearing and comprehensive wardrobe analysis.  And WOW, will you feel like a new man after we are through!

From your treasured college sweatshirt to that sweater from your aunt or the trousers that are a bit too small, there is a place for everything.  Except in the main part of your closet — which is a working TOOL — just like any other you use.

Time to clear out the ‘webs, and clear up the decks. We are going to roll up our sleeves and make sure what’s in there works FOR you and ON you based on the goals we set in Step One – your Personal Analysis.  We’ll indentify what matches what, items that need to be replaced, tailored – from shoes to the coat closet!

And while we are doing it, we’ll be making a Step Three garment procurement list that we will follow to get you everything you need – from my favorite J Hiburn custom clothing source or a Personal Shopping trip from the store of your choice.

You’ll be more than satisfied.  Guaranteed!

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