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Top Boss’s Pet Peeves to Mess Up Your Great Dress for Success Look

16 Dec Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Top Boss’s Pet Peeves to Mess Up Your Great Dress for Success Look

So you got your Dress for Success “professional visual imagery” nailed down.  The boss sees that you are looking the part.  Great!

Don’t blow it on these top work place time-wasters that 20 owners and CEO’s listed to Men’s Health (June 2010) as their pet peeves when they spot them in employees… and can ruin the most carefully crafted perception….

1. Clicking out of a screen just as I walk by. ( I thought only my kids did that!)

2. Reading (Unless you are writing a story for them… not!)

3. Working with feet up on the desk. (Okay, nothing says “I have a major case of entitlement.)

4. “Working” while listening to iPod and tapping feet. (Ditto my above comment about kids. So if I make the correlation, you can bet that the Boss does too.)

5. G-chatting (huh?)

6. Texting. (Okay – we all do it, but employ more stealth.  And for heavens sake turn the “ding” off.)

7. Reading the paper. (Unless you are the CEO – are you serious?)

8. Talking idly with coworkers. (Aw…. define “idly”…)

Here, another thought; remember there are four generations in the work place now, from millennials to traditionalists.  The more of a spread between the generation of you and your boss, the more sensitivity you are going to have to employ that how you conduct business is different than he or she does/did.  And different can often carry a negative connotation.

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