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The “Personal – ality” of your Underwear

28 Sep Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on The “Personal – ality” of your Underwear

Let’s get personal… and talk about your underwear.

Because guess what? Your underwear sends a message about you just like your clothes and sometimes the message may NOT be the one you wish it to be under somewhat um, delicate circumstances…. like (you can’t make this stuff up) I had an intimate moment a few years ago, with an adult male over the age of 40, who revealed knit boxers with a large remote control on the front. I’m sorry, I had to laugh. Out loud. Bad for the moment needless to say.

So to avoid future “dashed in ice water” moments, lets look at what your undies say about you:

1. White woven boxers – conservative, traditional, no risk. These need to be bleached regularly to maintain an immaculate white, and tossed when in doubt.

2. Colored or patterned boxers – fine, middle of the road, no big style statement either way, he just likes the feel and freedom of movement of boxers.

3. Silk boxers – a romantic man, sensitive, tactile. A good omen for a man who will ante up for the best, and will appreciate the nuances of giving and receiving.

4. White briefs – sorry, these just feel juvenile to me, and God forbid there is a stain…. I’m outta here!

5. Colored briefs – kind of the same as the white ones… better, but not great.

6. Colored knit boxer briefs – a good choice with dress trousers – you want to be certain you wear a supportive garment with a light woven fabrics.  It is seriously distracting to see at a glance which side you are “hanging” based on the profile of the front of your trousers.

7. Bikini briefs – appropriate only for the seriously buff, and then definitely appreciated by the fairer sex

8. Any style, shape or design with cartoon pictures of anything – see above opening paragraph.

And needless to say, underwear, especially those subject to the heat of the dryer (like most are) don’t last forever – maybe a year at the very most. So before the elastic noticeably gives out plan on replacing them!

And strip down with confidence! 🙂

So now, what will look great OVER your new underwear?

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