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Style of Success Summer Shopping Directive

11 Aug Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Style of Success Summer Shopping Directive

I want you to buy three Quality Of Life items this week:

1. ICE CREAM.  Additional directions (you didn’t know there were directions to eating ice cream?? – ha! You don’t know me well enough yet!!)

You will select an ice cream vendor that allows you to savor your cone while strolling a lovely and scenic location and you will think an uplifting and positive thought about yourself with every lick.


2. READ A GOOD BOOK. Editors Top 10 picks for great summer in the hammock or on the screen porch, or on a blanket outside reading with no agenda but pleasure!

Pay the extra money, get it Fed-ex’ed to you by Friday.


3. Take someone out for a drink on a beautiful evening at an outdoor location.

Carve out some alone time with your spouse, or if you are single, take the plunge and ask out someone new. Reach out to a new neighbor, or the new guy at work. Or the old guy at work (that similar to you?) doesn’t gives himself often enough the simple pleasure of an hour or so feeling (if not pretending) that toes-in-the-sand summertime feeling.

Happy Summertime!

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