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Skin care for Real Men

17 Aug Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Skin care for Real Men

If you wish to be successful in the land of intimacy, skin care is important.

Please consider what it feels like for us ladies to touch and smell your skin, and be touched by you.

I know you are a guy, but Is is relatively smooth and soft? Does it have a healthy glow? Does that sound to “girly” to you?

Really, skin care above and beyond washing of it is not just for women. Men who have great looking skin practice some simple additional steps, that are fast, can be quite inexpensive and really make a difference.

All skin responds beautifully to an occasional scrub exfoliation to remove dead and dull looking flakes off the surface.

This is easily done in the shower, maybe once every week or so. Pick an inexpensive drug store variety to scrub with reasonable pressure on your feet, butt, arms, hands and elbows and then a more expensive and made-for-faces product to work in more gently on your face.

A daily moisturizing lotion (with SPF if possible).

Slather your entire body, with extra attention to elbows, feet and hands after every shower. Immediately after drying off is the perfect time to do it, the remaining moisture on your body helps it glide on smoothly, and by the time you’ve figured out what you are going to wear it has dried. Choose a lotion that is thinner in consistency, especially if you are hairy, so it goes on easily.

Your hands benefit from the above after shower treatment, but they are exposed much more and need some additional help.

Have a tube of super rich hand cream (like Nivea or Eucerin) in the car and at work, especially in the winter.

Your nails need to be well manicured. If you can create attractive, smooth, snag free nails, and hangnail free cuticles yourself that’s great, if not, please get it done for you.

Our teeth do show our age (hence the horse analogy).

Porcelain veneers, although still fiercely expensive are becoming more mainstream as quality dentistry create new more natural looking smiles than the movie star whites of the past decade. The next best option is professional bleaching to brighten you up – it really does work and gives you a great reason to smile at the girl next to you.

Consider a men’s facial. A proper facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear, well-hydrated skin. The esthetician also will perform extractions, give suggestions on blemish control and help you with eye bags or circles. And it feels great

Your feet!  Look down – do you see knarley? Calluses? Too long nails, maybe a touch of fungus or a planters wart here and there?

Shiver me timbers, but those conditions are way too common! Get a routine of pedicures gentlemen – please! Don’t be shy about it – and if you want justification, consider that “real” men who want to sleep with beautiful women do just this!

And what about a more-than-a-normal foot-smell?

This is caused by sweat (moisture) and bacterial build up and can be easily prevented by daily bathing with emphasis on drying feet carefully, especially between the toes, and then applying power. In addition, wear breathable shoes, and thicker absorbent socks. Be willing to change your sock at least once during the day if your problem in severe. (Bring a zip lock bag).

Lastly, alternate your shoes, use shoe horses and remove the innersoles to assist in drying if necessary.

So here’s the drill.

Get your teeth whitened once a year.

Get a facial quarterly.

Have your hands and feet attended to monthly, and next time you are at the local drug store, take an extra few minutes to stroll down the moisturizing section, and try some new products to keep your skin soft and supple and make us want to not be able to keep our hands off you! 🙂


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