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Quality of life is a summer time priority for the working man

14 Aug Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Quality of life is a summer time priority for the working man

How would you describe your quality of life?

If you are like many men Lord knows you work hard enough – you just manically move from one “fire” to the next. New projects at work, new sales to make or contracts to bring in, a myriad of details to make all your customers happy, staff to monitor and management to please.

And of course your family is important, you hate missing the activities of your kids, and you know your wife is feeling neglected because your communication levels and sex life shows it, but you are juggling 40 balls in the air at once.

You look forward all week for the weekend, only to be reminded that it is chock full of family obligations and summer house/home repair projects. And gee, what a surprise that you didn’t get to the gym this week.

Well here is a gentle reminder: You are the one controlling your life and your life style. You make the choices every day as to how to spend your time and how stressed to get about things, and about what your standard of living (that you have to financially keep up with) should be.

If you feel that no one in your world can be what they need to be without you, then consider that YOU can’t be at your maximum potential either for yourself or them with out self care.

Self care is an acquired habit, just like any other. How often do you give yourself to really slow down? Please don’t be one of those men who through the haze of a cardiac thinks, “I should have spent less time at work and more with my family”. I know that is dramatic, but whether you consider this issue a quality of life decision, or a longevity one, I bet you need to be reminded that YOU are number 1.

Take a real vacation this season.  Without the laptop.

And consider Where do you need help? What weighs heavily on you? What are ways you can support your own needs?

How can you take care of you? What foods should you be eating more of or omitting?

What hours should you be sleeping?

How and when should you be exercising?

What personal growth projects or goals have you been putting off for too long?

What weekly block of time can you designate as special for 1) yourself 2) your spouse 3) your kids.

What play or hobby can you add to your life?

Bring some quality of life back into your life. Make the promise to yourself.

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