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“Pain” and Goals

17 Aug Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on “Pain” and Goals

Welcoming Challenge to your Life as a way to Accelerate Goals

I have a practice of doing a 8 to 20 minute meditation in the morning first thing.

I like it because it starts my day with affirmations and happiness.  I use guided meditations found on YouTube that are available “ad” free for $13.00/month.  A great investment in peace, balance and sanity if you ask me!  Here are a few I like:

Today’s message was inspiring enough to want to share.

You may have considered the concept of being grateful for past pain/challenges in your life because they helped shape you into the person you are now.

But here is a new thought:  Welcoming “pain” (or challenges) into to your FUTURE life in order to gain your goals.

Like saying to yourself, “Ok Self, I welcome the pain of getting up and going to the gym, or I welcome the pain of being hungry for a donut at 10am and having a big glass of water instead, or I welcome the pain of reaching out of my comfort zone and making that call to a new prospect”.  Because I know all/any of those “painful” actions will help me reach my goals!

So let’s see how it works out for me today! 🙂  Want to share your “pain” for today?  I’d love to hear!


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