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Overnight Romance – at your place!

25 Jun Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Overnight Romance – at your place!

Impress a lady so much she texts 2 girlfriends from your bathroom!?

Consider surprising your wife or current lady friend with a special treat of a [insert your name here]’s Romance Bed and Breakfast Overnight Get Away.

Here’s an easy set up that won’t leave you scrambling, will appear “effortless” which is the crux of entertaining panache, and will make you look very accomplished and desirable!

1. This weekend: Clean up a little. You single guys, get a little regular domestic help – it’s not that expensive and it will be just about the nicest thing you gave yourself this year for the equivalent of about one night’s bar bill. Get a referral, pick up the local want ads or Craigs list for a every-other-week house cleaner.

2. Set up your beverage offerings for ease and flexibility. Have a couple of bottles of nice wine, as well as a bottle of decent champagne in the fridge. A bottle of good vodka, and some mixers such as cranberry, tonic, Perrier and some OJ allow you to go in several different directions if you are not certain what she will like to drink.

3. Items to stock: Purchase a small jar from a gourmet shop or section of the grocery store of basil pesto or sun-dried tomato pesto. Olive oil, salad dressing, a bag of good coffee in the freezer and herbal tea in the cabinet are staples. Have half a dozen votive candles around for the table, and other spots. And a packet of Knorr Hollendaise sauce and a packet of fish seasoning mix or rub.

Purchase a couple individually frozen fish steaks or fillets, and a bag of frozen pre-made risotto rice. Buy and freeze a package of Canadian bacon and a stick of butter. And if you can stand the temptation of having it in the freezer, a Ben and Jerry’s pint of ice cream (very sensual!).

4. The day you expect her: The Canadian bacon and butter out of the freezer. Buy a lemon, a french baguette and a small container of fresh mozzarella, English muffins, mesclun salad in a bag, half a dozen eggs, and a quart of whole milk and OJ. Wash the glasses if necessary. Lay out 2 plates, cloth napkins and silverware and a couple of the candles.

5. She is coming in an hour: Place frozen fish with the seasoning on a plate or baking dish to thaw and the rice in a microwave bowl. Transfer the salad in to a serving bowl. Slice off the baguette 12 thin (1/4″) slices. Brush lightly with olive oil. Lay out on a cookie sheet and bake for 5 minutes at 400 until golden brown. Remove from the oven and “butter” with the pesto, and top with a slice of the fresh mozzarella cheese. Leave the oven on, and bake them for 3 – 5 minutes whenever you are 3-5 minutes away from wanting to eat them.

6. She arrives: You can offer wine, wine spritzer, vodka cranberry or vodka tonic with a twist of lemon. (save lemon for a.m.).

When it’s time for dinner, the fish goes on the grill or in the oven, the rice in the microwave. A little dressing on the salad, fill the wine glasses, light the candles, and you are good to go with a beautiful dinner!

7. Dessert is the ice cream, if things are going very well consider spoon fed. Which might take you all the way to breakfast!

8. The next morning: You are ready with coffee or tea, for her to sip as she marvels at your continued kitchen prowess. The Eggs Benedict you are going to make is a snap. The Canadian bacon browns in a fry pan, the Knorr Hollandaise mixed with butter and milk in a sauce pan, 2 opened English muffins in the toaster. One bacon piece is set on top of each face up toasted muffin half. Use that pan to gently fry (poach only if you are experienced) 4 eggs in butter. Top the muffin and bacon halves with an egg each and a generous dollop of sauce (add in some lemon juice after it thickens). A grind of black pepper on top. Serve with a mimosa and….

Wow…. I’m in love!

Double the impact – fabulous food AND your great look – Irresistible!

And who better to give you the “insider information” than a woman?

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