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Office Etiquette and the Power of Impressions

30 Jul Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Office Etiquette and the Power of Impressions

Don’t let commonplace, lax behavior jeopardize your next promotion

Have you ever watched the show The Office? My 16 year old son loves it -weird, right? He has never been in an office, but the show is so funny to him  because the characters are that wonderful combination of absolutely believable and horrifically inappropriate.

As they say, “you can’t make this stuff up”! Writers of that show, week after week seem to have no problems coming up with the most real AND absurd office behavior. And I’m not talking about the soap opera who-is-sleeping-with-who bits; the majority of the show’s allure is the commonplace dialog between the characters and the person who is recording the events as they unfold. Dialog that under the guise of a professional context, finds itself running rampant into discrimination, sexual innuendo, back stabbing and a blatant every-man-for- himself mentality.

Certainly we don’t conduct ourselves in our work places like this group. But we do need to look at how our actions can be construed. When you’ve been there a while, you relax, its natural, I mean you spend the majority of your day with these people right? You let your hair down a little with co-workers you are fond of, and the boundaries between what’s appropriate for business and casual relationships can overlap.

People form impressions based on very little, and reputations that can affect your livelihood are at stake. Superiors that make promotion decisions are right around the corner more times than not. did a nice article that touches on respect, acknowledgment, nipping bad habits and communication: Tips for encouraging proper office behavior.

Everyone makes a misstep now and then, but don’t raise the statistical potential to create a negative (and lasting) impression of who you are and what your capabilities are by forgetting that you are in a workplace, first and foremost.

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