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Men: Rev up your marriage on Valentines Day – Tips 8, 9 and 10

13 Feb Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Men: Rev up your marriage on Valentines Day – Tips 8, 9 and 10

Dust off your dating skills to rev up even the most sedentary relationship and create a memorable experience for you and your wife this Valentines Day

Use your body to engage her: Maintain eye contact, smile and touch her! keep her attention on you with your attention on her.

Control the conversation: Keep the conversation ball bouncing back and forth between you and keep her talking, and you responding to her. Redirect topics that might cause unpleasant feelings, keep your focus on making her feel special.

Keep everybody awake and drink less: then, in the privacy of the car on the way home shift the conversation over to alluding to promised attentions to come. Pre-pillow talk can be very erotic. A little “what I am going to do to you when we get home” suggestions can inspire a few butterflies in both of you.

No matter what happens from this point, at the very end of your night, tell her how much you enjoyed the evening with her, and how important she is to you. Whisper “I love you” with your arms around her, and fall asleep with a warm glow in your heart knowing that your efforts are going to be rewarded many fold back to you.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Valentines Day!

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