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Men: Rev up your marriage on Valentines Day – Tips 4 and 5

09 Feb Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Men: Rev up your marriage on Valentines Day – Tips 4 and 5

Dust off your dating skills to rev up even the most sedentary relationship and create a memorable experience for you and your wife this Valentines Day

Get ready for the Night: Women are more attracted to men of any physical appearance who exude confidence, great grooming and style, rather than a guy with six-pack abs under his Bud Light T-shirt. Have your hair cut, a fresh cologne scent and a breath mint.

Prepare your clothing: Wear something special that shows you made an effort. Whatever your norm is, for this evening, please do one step more than the “regular”. Move from a sport coat to a suit. Or from khakis and a shirt, to a sport coat. Add a tie! Have a little fun with it. Ensure your garments are clean and pressed, and fit correctly.

The way to attract her starts with YOU.

And who better to give you the “insider information” than a woman?

What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant shows up to

  • show you the colors, the fabrics, the styles and the accessories that will place you firmly in your best light
  • Offer my perspective on dating questions, on line profile review, even my “mock date” for unique feedback
  • Help you acquire the pieces you need to look exactly like the person she WANTS  to be with

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