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Men: Rev up your marriage on Valentines Day – Tips 2 and 3

03 Feb Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Men: Rev up your marriage on Valentines Day – Tips 2 and 3

Dust off your dating skills to rev up even the most sedentary relationship and create a memorable experience for you and your wife this Valentines Day.

A box to open: Surprise her with a gift.

Anything heartfelt you select and purchase for her from Tiffany’s to Russell Stover is fine – just have a box to open. You may not realize that jewelry from a mall or neighborhood jeweler can be had very reasonably – often just a few hundred dollars, and if that isn’t in your budget the jewelry counter at Penny’s or Kohls can offer some very inexpensive options. What ever you decide, there is something about a piece of jewelry that evokes a very enthusiastic result. And don’t forget to put the piece on her yourself!

Create anticipation: Tell her to be ready for a significant Valentines Day evening that you are going to create to celebrate your relationship. Tell her it’s overdue, and allude to a sexual encounter where you intend to make up for lost time and attention to her, and your full expectation that she will be a very pleased participant.

The way to attract her starts with YOU.

And who better to give you the “insider information” than a woman?

What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant shows up to

  • show you the colors, the fabrics, the styles and the accessories that will place you firmly in your best light
  • Offer my perspective on dating questions, on line profile review, even my “mock date” for unique feedback
  • Help you acquire the pieces you need to look exactly like the person she WANTS  to be with

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