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Fashion Tips


Jun 15 Comments Off on Layering on a Cooler Summer Day

Layering on a Cooler Summer Day

A Cooler Summer Day is a Great Excuse to Show your Style by Layering Layering is a fun way to show off your style and keep a summer chilly day, or at least evening, at bay.  Take at look at these images – its not about matching.  Colors can stand out and pop, or they […]


Jun 13 Comments Off on The Return of Bleached (Don’t Call it “Stonewashed”) Denim

The Return of Bleached (Don’t Call it “Stonewashed”) Denim

Lighter Denim is making a comeback  No longer called “stonewashed”, lighter denim is perfect for summer.   Check out the GQ Style Manual article. J Hilburn is on point offering lower priced better fitting options with our newest line, Indigo shirting:  garment washed, super soft and developing a faded character just like your favorite jeans. Try […]


Jun 11 Comments Off on The Meaning of Time….

The Meaning of Time….

What Wearing a Watch can mean for a Man I am permanently tethered to my phone you say, it tells me the time so why wear a watch? Thank you for asking!  There are several reasons: 1.  As an accessory/piece of jewelry.  Men, especially in traditional offices have a limited range on what jewelry is […]


May 27 Comments Off on From Esquire Magazine to your Closet…

From Esquire Magazine to your Closet…

What says summer style better? Page 1 of June’s Esquire Magazine features this fine Boss cotton summer suit.  Described as minimal, precise and razor sharp. It’s $945, which is a nice price point – if it were wool!  Its ready to wear, which means it fits great  – if you are a perfect off the […]