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Dress pants for men: Ready to Wear vs Made to Measure Trousers

14 Aug Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Dress pants for men: Ready to Wear vs Made to Measure Trousers

Beautiful Italian Super 100’s dress trouser in 5 colors, hemmed for you and delivered to your door for $99 bucks!

RTW trouser

J Hilburn and I announce Fall pre-season pricing on a brand new product that you are going to LOVE!  In addition to the beautifully made to measure trousers I offer, J Hilburn is launching a high quality, amazingly low priced “Ready to Wear” option!

How do you know if you are a candidate for a Ready to Wear (RTW) Trouser versus a Made to Measure (MTM) Trouser?  Easy:

RTW trousers are constructed to have a 6 inch difference between your waist and your hip/butt measurement.  For example, if your waist is 34 inches and your hips are 40 inches, you fit a RTW trouser nicely.  Ditto if your waist is 40 and your hips are 46.

However, if your hip/butt measurement is less than 6 inches less than your waist (you might think of your butt as flat) you are probably used to having to alter away the extra fabric in the rear.   Or being able to grab a handful of fabric back there.  (MTM is the solution!)

OR, if you have a substantial booty, and your hip measurement is more than 6 inches different, you will have to go up a size in the waist to get a proper fit in the seat, or else you suffer pockets gaping and the like. (Again, MTM is the solution)

Any of that sound familiar?


too tight pants        pulling – too small!

Make an appointment today for me or one of my Style Advisors to come to your office and show you how we can fit you beautifully in your trousers.   Choose from these great ready to wear options or dozens of luxury Italian wool custom options, English pin whale cords, casual 5 pocket cotton pants, and AG or J Brand premium denim.

From waistband to cuff, J Hilburn’s got your pant’s! 

Nothing fits and looks better on YOU than custom!

The easiest way to look your best is to make a single phone call.

What happens next?  A J Hilburn Style Advisor (me!) shows up at your home or office, at no charge measures you in a snap and helps you choose the shirting, suiting and accessories you need and will love – and it’s all  100% guaranteed!

.Call 800-798-1643 (or click) for an appointment today!

With shirts starting at $99, delivery times in 3 weeks, and help selecting your J. Hilburn custom wardrobe by a certified Personal Image Consultant – you’ll be glad you made the call!