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Dating Women – Easy First Date Rules

01 Sep Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Dating Women – Easy First Date Rules

Nine Tips for Dating Success

How many of you have felt a bit unsure of the “rules” when meeting a woman for the first time?

Perhaps you are new at dating, and have a few questions about modern history protocol. Here are a few tips to interact with a woman you don’t know that will come across in a social setting as gentlemanly and impressive.

  1. Shake hands with a woman you are meeting for the first time, a hug is unexpected, a kiss is too intimate and suggestive.
  2. Be at the restaurant, bar or coffee shop first. Get a table and be waiting for her.
  3. Take charge in the ordering process with the wait staff. Never show frustration if the service is not perfect.
  4. Stand when she approaches you. If she gets up to leave the table for some reason (other than permanently!) rise again briefly.
  5. If you have an opportunity, hold a door to a building for her. Car doors usually don’t come into the picture on a first date, but if so you only need to open as she enters the car. She can get out on her own.
  6. Use table manners your mother would be proud of. And know that she is watching you. If in doubt follow her lead.
  7. Focus on her. Never let yours eyes wander around the bar. This is the easiest clue for her that you are “just not in to her”.
  8. Pay. I could write a book on this. Paying equates to power, and the person who has it is the one who pays. If you are trying to encourage a feminine response to your masculinity, take possession of the bill immediately and graciously decline offers to contribute.
  9. Be sure to give her an appropriate physical complement, let her know she is desirable in your eyes.

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