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Color creates a Powerful Subliminal Message

01 Aug Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Color creates a Powerful Subliminal Message

Knowledge of the subliminal science of color in your wardrobe CAN increase (or decrease) your professional success as well as support your goals.

That’s because color and pattern choices support perceived levels of business authority and competence, as well as make us look open, available and charming.

The strategic use of color “manipulation” is a very practical and powerful skill for you to have in your Image Toolkit. Just a few moments of looking at your features and skin tone, in combination with the emotional messages you wish to be sending can create a visual impression than completely supports (and has the power to further) your goal.

Your social wardrobe is an open invitation to experiment with and express your personality with color.

You may just think that because it’s casual, it matters less, but think again: even in your social realm you are still in the “business” of capitalizing on what you’ve got to look your best. Especially when it requires no more time and energy expended.

Color is your secret weapon – it’s easy, and once you understand the basics, you can employ them to your own benefit, where ever you are or what ever you are trying to accomplish.

People respond emotionally to color, and you can influence how attractive you look by the skillful use of color.

This is really important! Said another way: Different colors create different emotional responses in people.

A few examples are:

  • Red which makes you come across as vibrant, dramatic and passionate
  • Black gives a feeling that is dark, somber and formal
  • Pink is suggests playful and young
  • Yellow makes people feel more emotionally “up” and lively and fresh.

What is so powerful, is that because colors evoke subconscious emotional responses you can MAKE someone feel something they don’t even know they are feeling by the skillful incorporation of color.

Okay, so, people have emotional responses to the colors that you wear – how do you use that to your benefit (and not detriment)?

Its easy.

By presenting yourself in colors that have been orchestrated ahead of time to balance 1) what looks good ON you and 2) what supports your goal of the moment. Working with an Image Consultant involves looking at your personal coloring, talking about what colors you feel best in, exploring what your current goals are, and matching these elements together for a 1-2 double hitter!

Have you ever considered that some color wash you out and make you look older or drab, and some can electrify you and make you look vibrant?

Or how about the common occurrence of using too much or too strong a color so that all the viewer sees is the shirt, not the man.

Having your “colors” assessed by an Image Consultant give men another level of control in their world. Next time you grab a “blue” shirt from your closet, is it: slate blue, cornflower blue, teal blue, Caribbean turquoise, ice blue, deep sky blue, periwinkle blue, royal blue, traditional navy blue, gray blue, deep midnight blue, baby blue, peacock blue, or cobalt blue?


Okay take a breath – you probably will look just fine in any or all of these blues. But they do send a slightly different message.

Make your colors do double duty…

They should make you look great while reinforcing your message! Skillful color “manipulation” isn’t hard, and once you learn it, you can use it to play to your hand in almost any situation.

….as well as the surprising pleasure of people who ask “what are you doing differently? You look great, but I just can’t put my finger on why…”

Overwhelmed?  Not sure what will look best on you? That’s the beauty of hiring a professional!

The easiest way to look your best is to make a single phone call.

What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant shows up and effectively and efficiently

  • transform a disorganized, overloaded closet into a lean, mean business tool machine
  • does the shopping you know you need for you – you show up to a pre-stocked dressing room!
  • OR, brings the beautiful quality, high value J Hilburn line of affordable custom clothing right to your home or office!

Call 800-798-1643 (or click) for an appointment today and see how easy I make it to look your best!