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Choose Happiness Today

17 Sep Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Choose Happiness Today

Quality of life is a choice we make every day.  “Choose happiness today”.

This quote came from a dear friend who was speaking to a group this past week. She was describing a shift that she made in her personal philosophy a couple of years ago. She got tired of listening to herself yelling at the kids to pick up, yelling at them about grades, feeling angry about the state of her personal relationship, and resentful that she worked too many darn hours.

She determined to begin to enjoy the blessings in her life. The ones that were present right then and there. And she discovered that as she made this shift, the mess and the grades were just about the same, not worse; and the happiness quotient all around was way higher. This then opened the door to more open conversations with her children, and more laughter. Going out for Mexican together, and then ice cream. Watching favorite programs together. All kinds of simple pleasures. Healthier decisions were made regarding the relationship as well as the work-life balance. And yes, days were hectic, the car still broke, and the dog still threw up on the rug, but she changed her reaction to it. So she cleaned it, fixed it, moved past it and continued to choose happiness.

I love this. Why in heavens name would it be a “new” idea for me?

Is it for you? We all have someone in our lives that we could soften to (including ourselves).

Today would be a good day to choose happiness.

Let me bring a little happiness into your day!

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