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Business Entertaining That Nets You More Business

14 Sep Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Business Entertaining That Nets You More Business

Throw a causal business dinner party

Business entertaining is expensive and needs to be thought of as strategic and goal oriented.

The strategy that I would suggest is to create a friendly casual atmosphere for your business associates to enjoy themselves, and come away with a stronger emotional connection to you, as well as a better understanding of how your business can be an advantage to theirs.

I am suggesting almost a “networking party” to an extended group of business associates, contacts, clients, suppliers, as well as upper management where you work. You’ll know who is appropriate, but the point is to expand your regular group. This kind of event, not only pleasant, opens you up for positive consideration in all kinds of ways that the daily office interactions never include. It allows you to strategically match contacts with each other – and help build successes of their own to be grateful to you for.

If your home is an option, holding the event there, although more work, will definitely intensify the intimacy of the event as well as the offering the enjoyment of these last warm days of the summer. If you have a specialty; a drink or a grilled item, then by all means add the personal touch of preparing it yourself. But unless you have a very skilled partner in home entertaining, don’t plan on putting on the party yourself; hire a local restaurant to bring in prepared food and perhaps a neighbor to help with serving and cleanup.

If not at your place, then an area restaurant that has a private room or outdoor seating area (in warm weather) can be an excellent way to meet your business associates in a way that promotes a new level of positive energy toward you. Just ensure the music is controlled (not too loud) and the seating is comfortable.

When you consider the costs, use the same analysis you would with any marketing effort. If the cost per person is $50, what will the return on investment be? What is the value of additional business likely from the event? Could one contract be worth $500 or $50,000? How many people would come? Inviting spouses doubles your expenses however, it opens the door to transitioning your relationship to a more personal one. And we know that people buy from people! If you need to keep the expense down, offer wine and beer and a buffet. If you chose a good restaurant, the food will be good no matter if it has been plated individually or not. Don’t stress about the food, it need to be good enough not to be noticeably bad. The food is the background – just like the music or the venue. Your job is to be thinking about making meaningful conversations and pulling new people together.

As early fall and the finest weather of the year approaches, I hope you will consider adding this special and personal touch to your “marketing” plan. Remember, you are always selling yourself at some level, whether you are an employee or literally have a case of products in hand. You want to use everything at your disposal to ensure your success.

Support your entertaining investment by looking the part

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