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Best Foods for Men Who Want to Get Fit

12 Jan Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Best Foods for Men Who Want to Get Fit

Do you have a New Years Resolution to get fit? Men’ has a list of 125 foods for men (and women too).

This list has more  processed foods than I would recommend, but the gist is sound: whole grains, lean proteins, LOTS of produce (think how you can incorporate fruits or vegetables into EVERY meal), and WATER WATER WATER. Drink tap water, bottled water, (room temp is best – you can drink more faster), seltzer, flavored water, vitamin water, herb tea, get as much water based non sugary, non caffeinated liquid into your body as you can. It will make a huge difference.

If I read anything consistently, it’s that you working guys ingest the most amount of your excess or empty calories in the evening when after an exhausting day you settle in (or down at the bar) for several alcoholic beverages and a big dinner you aren’t really hungry for. If you can keep your exercise commitment AND make sure your best meals of the day are breakfast and lunch, and your least caloric is dinner, you will see some terrific results!

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