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Dr. Worthington Can Work Wonders for You Too!

04 Apr Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Dr. Worthington Can Work Wonders for You Too!

I could not stand it another minute….

After watching the amazing results that several of my clients have experienced working with Dr. Joseph Worthington that I booked my own appointment and got my long waited for veneers!

In the last week and a half, at least 10 people I know have said “… Wow, you look GREAT today!”

But NO one said – “are your teeth different?”, and THAT tells me

  1. my old teeth were ickier than I admitted
  2. Dr. Worthington’s skill to give me the natural (but gorgeous) look I wanted worked perfectly!!

Please, hear me when I tell you that your (our) teeth issues ARE noticeable, and I had no idea fixing my own would be so easy.

  • Or that Dr. Worthington would have financing.
  • Or that it is absolutely, positively pain free.
  • Or that the reactions of others would be amazing!

Most of us have some tooth related “issue” – it could be that we need whitening, or there is that one “bad” cap.

I’ve had a bad eye tooth for 15 years – that and a chip, and white spots from childhood and well “x” amount of years of coffee and wine! And I have lived with this on the front of my face for all these years!

My profession bombards me with reinforcements that image, first impressions, non-verbal cues, all the elements that make us desirable in the eyes of the person across from us – well folks, your teeth are right up there FRONT and CENTER.

And I was no different…









Want to know how powerfully this would work for you?

The easiest way is to make a single phone call.

What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant will help you determine if this dental investment is right for you, based on your personal  consultation and analysis.

Call 800-798-1643 (or click) for an appointment today!