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Aging “happens”

05 Oct Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on Aging “happens”

All you need to combat the passage of time is new information

You mean your hair is thinning, you’ve got a few crows feet and the 20 pounds that used to be on your chest and shoulders is now on your waist?

Well I guess that makes you human – and normal – and absolutely desirable. But when once you could just roll out of bed buck naked and feel that way, now you just might need a little reinforcement. That’s what we do together; we see what visual offerings you have right now, and we reinforce the good ones. We see what might be better served by being moved out of center stage and how to do it. Keep in mind that my perspective is a) professional and b) a woman’s. So you might learn something new – hmmm?

Guys, the natural process of aging should be seen as a celebration of how far you have come and what you have accomplished. Taking care of yourself now has a different focus. You exercise – more to be heart healthy than to look great on the beach. You wear sunscreen (right?!) and wear sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes.

In addition, you now think for a moment about what might look best on you “these days” because it may be different than 10 years ago. It may be that a heather brown v-neck pullover will camouflage a few over indulgences around your waist. Or that you realized that moisturizers with anti aging properties are beneficial to ALL skin, not just the feminine variety. And you never discount the power of great grooming – a woman you are interested in will overlook a whole lot of “weathering” when she sees the clean, spit polished look of a man freshly shaved/combed/trimmed, with touchable hands and a faint whiff of something manly….

Remember, women are attracted to confidence. Confidence is sexier 6 pack abs any day. You know you are more likely to feel it when your grooming is freshly done and your clothing is flattering to your body. Not so hard, right?

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