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A “Reluctant Client” Sees the Light

17 Sep Posted by in Fashion Tips | Comments Off on A “Reluctant Client” Sees the Light

A personal analysis that opened up new doors for a client

A “reluctant” client recently had been pressed into working with me by his enthusiastic wife. Being an open person, and willing to learn new things, he was being a good sport about it.

But then something shifted – it was somewhere between seeing how his skin tone evened out and his eyes took on a new energy with golden flecks almost sparking back at him when we put the chocolate brown sweater on (instead of his go-to grays and navy’s)… and the place where I adjusted his suit coat to actually fit him, and he looked 2 inches taller and 15 pounds lighter.

It was great! He saw the light! We tore into his closet – he wanted to know what he had in there that worked with his “new” colors, and he wanted to know how he could expand his wardrobe by pairing up different things, and he wanted to throw out a bunch of stuff (finally!) and the shopping list in the back of his mind went from “whaddeva” to I WANT IT NOW!

He had a ball, and I’ve received several impromptu texts that he has been out socially and felt terrific and people at work have noticed and complemented him!

You know, that’s EXACTLY what I want for YOU!

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